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We manage your cloud, so you can manage your business. Rapidly develop,
deploy and iterate your applications without worrying about system administration.

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We have entrusted our business to Spragos enterprise cloud services and have been a satisfied customer since then.
Oleksandr K., CEO JK Transport Logistics
Spragos Cloud service has become an irreplaceable tool, allowing our students collaborate and share virtual lab resources.
Timothy O. Univ. of Edinburgh
When I need to do a Proof-of-Concept testing with my customers, Spragos proves to be simple and reliable tool.
John Simons Independent Consultant

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OPS1 - Mobile Cloud Control - Solutions

OPS1 - Mobile Cloud Control

For those who
require instant

OPS1 is an easy to use cloud infrastructure operations management tool for your ever demanding compute environments. With this application you can easily manage your VMWare vSphere, standalone ESX and Amazon AWS environments.

Simpler deployment for enterprise class applications

OPS1 comes with integrated functionality for Virtual Machine and Instance deployment for both VMware and Amazon AWS enabled clouds. Users can create, clone and deploy templates and appliances as well as configure various settings using their smartphones.

Portability and Vendor Independence

OPS1 delivers the greatest level of flexibility for customers deploying enterprise software. Customers can manage VMware ESX and Amazon EC2 virtual environments and switch between them effortlessly. Vendor independance provides our customers with more choices and flexibility that allow them to select the platform that best meets their needs.

24×7 real-time monitoring

OPS1E enables real-time monitoring: coupled with Spragos Messaging Services, users can now receive push alert notificatins in real-time. OPS1E enables unattended 24×7 monitoring of your entire virtual infrastructure. Rely on OPS1 to:

  • Alert you of performance issues before applications and users are affected.
  • Speed troubleshooting with alarm dashboards that give you single-click access to objects and performance graphs.
  • Provide the utilization and performance analysis you need to optimize resources and achieve the highest levels of performance and availability.

Virtual infrastructure analysis

OPS1 shows comprehensive resource consumption and workload data for hosts, clusters and datastores, with visibility all the way down to individual VMs. Find out at a glance which components of your VMware infrastructure are the largest resource consumers and which ESX(i) hosts are the least loaded. View actual cumulative I/O load on a particular datastore to determine whether it is overloaded or can handle more VMs. You can even drill down into Windows and Linux/Unix VMs, ESX(i) hosts and vCenter Servers to monitor resource usage.

Host Cluster monitoring

For the most complete picture of your virtual infrastructure, OPS1 provides you with ESX(i) host information. This allows your VMware monitoring team to track the status of physical hardware directly in OPS1, eliminating the need for computer console-based client.


Intelligent alerting and fast troubleshooting

OPS1 makes sure you’re the first to know when problems occur and that you have the information you need to fix problems quickly. With over 125 alarms built specifically for VMware, OPS1 begins working right out the box to monitor your virtual environment. When you are troubleshooting an issue, Messages dashboard with single-click drill-down let you quickly access the object details, performance data, and knowledge base information you need to resolve those issues fast.


Enhanced security

OPS1 comes with built-in SSL certificate validation ensuring all communications are always encrypted and secure. Connection password protection can be enabled as well, ensuring safety of your infrastructure should used device be compromised.


VMware management

  • Search and manage virtual machines, hosts, datastores and security in your data center
  • Migrate virtual machines from one host to another using vMotion
  • Access Scheduled Tasks, Alarms and Events

Amazon EC2 management

  • Manage Instances, block store, snapshots, networks and other aspects of your AWS EC2 account.
  • Deploy Virtual Machine Instance images.
  • Access Cloud Front alarms and events.

Version Comparison

FeaturesFree OPS1OPS1Enterprise Version
List VM Instances, Hosts, Storage, Network  
Get full status for VM Instances, Hosts, Storage, Network  
Check Overall Environment Status  
Receive latest status updates  
Access performance graphs  
Control VM and Host Power  
Receive Real Time Push Notificationsx 
Configure Accounts and Permissionsx 
Edit VM and Storage Propertiesx 
Deploy Virtual Machinesx 
Edit Instance Propertiesx 
Deploy Instancesx 
Take Snapshotsx 
Security Groups and Key Pair Managementx 
Remote VM access using SSH/RDP/VNC* clientx